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Recent Releases

A Process Approach to General Education Reform: Transforming Institutional Culture in Higher Education
   edited by Susan Gano-Phillips and Robert W. Barnett

The Dynamic Classroom: Engaging Students in Higher Education
   edited by Catherine Black

The Archetypal Hero's Journey in Teaching and Learning:
A Study in Jungian Pedagogy

   by Clifford Mayes

Concepts and Choices for Teaching: Meeting the Challenges in Higher Education
   by William M. Timpson and Sue Doe

Beyond Subject Matter Expertise: Strategies for Instructing Adults
   by Glenn Ross Johnson & Robert Magnan

147 Publishing Tips for Professors
   by Danny R. Arnold

Leading a Small College or University: A Conversation that Never Ends
   by Harry L. Peterson

147 Practical Tips for Synchronous and Blended Technology Teaching and Learning
    by Rosemary M. Lehman and Richard A. Berg

Approaches to Communication: Trends in Global Communication Studies
   edited by Susan Petrilli

Inside Education: Depth Psychology in Teaching and Learning
   by Clifford Mayes

Teaching Today's College Students: Widening the Circle of Success
    by Angela Provitera McGlynn

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