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Montaigne Medal Award

Long Shadows: Veterans' Paths to Peace

April 15, 2008


Long Shadows: Veterans’ Paths to Peace Wins Montaigne Medal

Madison-based publisher, Atwood Publishing, received word that Long Shadows is the recipient of the 2008 Montaigne Medal, which is a new award given as a part of the annual Eric Hoffer Book Awards.

Eric Hoffer Book Awards are given annually to books from independent presses that are felt to best reflect the spirit of Eric Hoffer’s work. This year they added the Montaigne Medal, stating that it is given to:

the most thought-provoking titles—books that either illuminate, progress, or redirect thought. The Montaigne Medal is given in honor of the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, who influenced people such as William Shakespeare, René Descartes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Friedrich Nietasche, Jean-Jacques Roussea, and Eric Hoffer.

Long Shadows: Veterans’ Paths to Peace, edited by David Giffey, is a collaboration between the Madison Veterans for Peace (Clarence Kailin Chapter) and Atwood Publishing. It is a series of 19 interviews with veterans of wars from the Spanish Civil War to the Iraq war. Interviewees discuss their personal journeys and reflect the life-defining or life-changing capacity of war. As Howard Zinn writes in his foreword to the book:

These are veterans with a point of view whose trajectories of belief had many different starting points, took many different paths, but in every case let to an abhorrence of war. ...anti-war feeling among veterans has not been given the attention it deserves, and this volume is an attempt to correct that imbalance.

Veterans for Peace member and long-time Atwood Publishing supporter, Joseph Cammarano, was the catalyst for the Long Shadows project. Joey brought us all together and the book and DVD were born. It is dedicated to his memory as he died just a few weeks after being interviewed by David Giffey. He stated that he’d shared experiences that he’d never talked about before and that had given him a new peace.

Editor David Giffey notes:

This is a tribute to the veterans in the book and to millions of veterans of all conflicts who struggled to free themselves from the grip of militarism and worked for peace.

The veterans' stories prove that change is not only possible, but also necessary and life saving.

Click here to learn more about the Eric Hoffer Award and specifically the Montaigne Medal.

Contact information: For information regarding interviews or discussion with the editor and contributors, contact David Giffey at 608-753-2199 or publisher, Linda Babler at 608-242-7101 or 888-242-7101 or lindab@atwoodpublishing.com.

To order the book and/or companion DVD, contact Atwood Publishing, 888-242-7101 or click here.

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