Table of Contents

Dancing on the Glass Ceiling:
Women, Leadership, and Technology

Edited by Don Olcott, Jr. and Darcy Hardy


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Donald E. Hanna

Chapter 1:
Women, Leadership, and Technology: A Brave New World 

Don Olcott, Jr, and Darcy W. Hardy

Chapter 2:
Crashing Through the Glass Ceiling: A Cross-Cultural Perspective 

Lalita Rajasingham

Chapter 3:
Perspectives on Transformational Leadership and the Modern Glass Ceiling 

Michael J. Johnson

Chapter 4:
Science Isnít for Girls . . . Or So the Story Goes 

Diana Oblinger

Chapter 5:
Pushing the Velvet Ceiling: Leading a For-Profit Online University: Moving from Theory to Practice 

Interview with Pamela S. Pease

Chapter 6:
Leadership = Opportunity + Skills + Attitude

Interview with Muriel Oaks

Chapter 7:
Women in Corporate America in the 21st Century 

William Cunningham

Chapter 8:
For What Itís Worth: A 30s-Something View of the Glass Ceiling 

Interview with Kelli L. Klosterman

Chapter 9:
Leadership Choices for the Future 

Don Olcott, Jr, Darcy W. Hardy, and Theresa E. Madden

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