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Dancing on the Glass Ceiling:
Women, Leadership, and Technology

Edited by Don Olcott, Jr. and Darcy Hardy

In Dancing on the Glass Ceiling, Olcott, Hardy, and the contributors explore ideas about women and leadership, examining how they intersect with the growth of technology. In order to get a clear picture, they have explored the research plus interviewed women in various phases of their careers, as well as men who have witnessed the evolution of women's leadership responsibilities.

The book addresses six major questions:

  • Does the glass ceiling exist today, and if so, how has it manifested itself in the modern organization?
  • What is the historical background and cultural importance of women in the workplace and how has that influenced women’s roles in today’s marketplace?
  • What skills and talents do successful female leaders see as critical for women to succeed today? Are they the same for men?
  • How has the technology revolution impacted leadership opportunities and challenges for women and men?
  • Are women and men better suited for specific types of leadership roles?
  • How can we build new organizational paradigms that center around the aggregate talents and abilities of women and men?

Finally, the book challenges readers to consider these questions in their own work and within their own institutions and, as a result, to make decisions and plans for a new era.

ISBN# 978-1-891859-59-5

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