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147 Practical Tips for Teaching Professors
Edited by Robert Magnan

From the pages of "The Teaching Professor" newsletter come the best tips, techniques, hints, and suggestions for teachers, from teachers!

No wonder its in such demand!

Whether youre new to teaching or an experienced veteran, this is a book youll want to keep handy. From pre-term activities right through final exams, grading, and evaluation, 147 Practical Tips covers all the important phases of the teaching process.

Educators use 147 Practical Tips for a quick idea to spice up a class. Teaching and learning centers keep shelf copies as a reference for faculty and teaching assistants. And Chairs and Deans give the book to their faculty during orientation. Take advantage of the special pricing to the right so your colleagues  can share these teaching tips.

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147 Practical Tips for Teaching Professors

ISBN 1-891859-01-3
45 pages

1 copy $12.50
2-9 $11.25 ea
10-24 $10.00 ea
25-100 $8.75 ea
100+ $6.25 ea

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