Marcel Danesi

Author of:

Poetic Logic


Marcel Danesi is known for his work in language, communications, and semiotics. He is a frequent lecturer, writes extensively, and is the editor of Semiotica. Danesi is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto.

After teaching Italian for many years, Marcel now teaches semiotics and communications courses which draw hundreds of students each year. His program is evolving into one of the largest in the world. He is also a guest professor in Lugano, Switzerland each year.

One of the most significant aspects of Marcel’s work is his effort to make the ideas of semiotic theory accessible to a broad range of interests. Although known as semiotic scholar with publications in academe, he writes for non-academic audiences as well, and frequently appears as a guest on Canadian public television.

Marcel, along with Linda Rogers, is the editor of the new series, Language and Communication, of which Poetic Logic is the first volume. Marcel, Linda, and François Tochon are editors of the International Journal of Applied Semiotics – the publication of the American Education Research Association’s Special Interest Group on Semiotics and Education.