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Beyond Subject Matter Expertise:
Strategies for Instructing Adults
Glenn Ross Johnson & Robert Magnan


Understand Your Situation!

Set Behavioral Objectives
   Use Action Verbs
   Take One Step
   Take a Second Step
   Test Your Objectives

Develop a Schedule

Know about Adult Learners
   Principles of Adult Learning
   Learning Styles

Select the Strategies
   Focus on Your Objectives
   Find Out What They Know Already
   Vary Your Strategies
   Cooperative Learning Activities
   Experiential Activities

Select the Materials
   Do It Yourself
   Borrow with Care
   Be More than Just a Talking Text

Plan Each Session
   Start by Setting Objectives
   Decide on Activities
   Know What to Put In and What to Leave Out
   Plan Transitions
   Plan an Introduction
   Attend to the Details

Start Instructing!
   Ease into Work
   Show a Sense of Humor or at Least a Human Side
   Act, React, Interact
   Close the Session

Follow up on Each Session
   Elicit Reactions from Learners
   Evaluate Yourself

   Keep in Mind the Characteristics of Adult Learners
   Consider Other General Factors
   Find Out about the Learners as Individuals
   Motivate from the Start
   Learn from the Questions They Ask
   Learn from the Answers They Give

Consider Using the Systematic Instruction Model

Use Instructional Media Effectively

   Evaluate the Learners
   Have the Learners Evaluate the Course and You

Keep Current
   Keep Your Materials Current and Effective
   Keep Fresh and Enthusiastic

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