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The Archetypal Hero's Journey in Teaching and Learning:
A Study in Jungian Pedagogy

by Clifford Mayes



Chapter 1: Psychodynamic Essentials: Personal and Transpersonal Psychology

Freudís Sexual Hypothesisóand Beyond
Transference and Counter-Transference
Neo-Freudian Theorists
Beyond Personal Psychodynamics: Transpersonal Psychospirituality
The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
Approaching the Archetypes
Common Archetypes
Anima and Animus
The Shadow, Persona, and Projection
Personality Types
Cultural Aspects of Jungian Psychology

Chapter 2: Issuing the Call: The Problem and Promise of Change

"The Call to Adventure": Refusal and Acceptance
The False Call: Schooling as Corporate Anti-Adventure
Marxís Three Types of Alienation and Giddensís Three Sites
    of Corporate  Power
Psycho-Cultural Factors in Accepting or Refusing the Call
The Theraputic Classroom

Issues and Approaches in the Theraputic Classroom

Chapter 3: Entering the Perilous Forest

Education for Individuation: Nurturing the Ego-Self Axis
Education for Individuation versus Education for Neurosis
Entering the Archetypal Classroom: Teachers and Students
     as "Subjects"
The Archetypal Sanctity of the Teacher-Student Relationship
The Teacher as a Wise Elder
The Elderís Shadow
The Teacher as Hermes
The Teacher as Trickster

Chapter 4: Initiations, Tests, and the Wise Elder

Becoming a Member of a Community of Discourse in the Classroom
Becoming a Cognitive Apprentice
Down the Road of Tests and Trials
Authentic versus Inauthentic Assessment
The "Deep Test"
Socrates as Trickster

Chapter 5:

The Great Mother
The Great Motherís Magical Mystery Tour
The Great Mother as Artist
The Classroom Under the Sign of the Great Mother
The Great Mother and Multiculturalism
The Great Father
Elements of a Pedagogy of the Great Father
Bringing the Great Father into Balance with the Great Mother
The Union of Rex and Regina
An Archetypally Balanced Pedagogy
The Transcendent Function: The Supreme Task and the Great Prize
Archetypal Reflectivity in the Service of the Transcendent Function:
     A Personal Example

Chapter 6: Conclusion: The Archetypal Educational Cycle



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