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Table of Contents

147 Practical Tips for Teaching Professors
compiled and edited by Robert Magnan

Before You Begin
Class Organization
The First Day
At the Bell: 1, 2, 3 Go!
Lecturing as Performance Art
Teaching Your Students to Think
Helping Your Students Read
Large Lectures
     -Student Input
     -Teacher Participation
     -Student Participation
     -Concept and Structure
     -Odds and Ends
Group Projects
How Are You Teaching?
     -Check with Your Students
     -Reacting to Student Evaluations
     -Do It Yourself!
Motivating Your Students to Read
Work With Your Colleagues
Motivation: Critical Moments
Evaluating Your Students
     -Grading Written Assignments
     -Grading Participation
     -Grading Tests
Reviewing: One More Time
     -Reviews Can Help Students Cope with Exam Anxiety
     -Reviews Can Help Motivate Students
     -Reviews Can Provide Summary and Perspective
     -Reviews Can Focus on Specific Areas of Need
     -Reviews Can Aim at Specific Exam Items
     -Reviews Can Provide Fresh Angles and Approaches
Final Words

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