Distance Teaching / Distance Learning

MindMeld 147 Practical Tips for Synchronous & Blended Tech 147 Practical Tips for Online Groups Essential Elements
Micro-Collaboration between eLearning Designers and Instructor Experts

147 Practical Tips for Synchronous and Blended Technology Teaching and Learning
147 Practical Tips for Teaching Online Groups: Essentials of Web-based Education Essential Elements:
Prepare, Design, and Teach Your Online Course
by Jon D. Aleckson & Penny Ralston-Berg by Rosemary M. Lehman & Richard A. Berg by Donald E. Hanna, Michelle Glowacki-Dudka, & Simone Conceição
by Bonnie Elbaum, Cynthia McIntyre, & Alese Smith

Facilitating Online Learning

Harnessing Innovative Technolory

Dancing on the Glass Ceiling

Facilitating Online Learning: Effective Strategies for Moderators Harnessing Innovative Technology in Higher Education:
Access, Equity, Policy, and Instruction
Dancing on the Glass Ceiling: Women, Leadership, and Technology
 by George Collison, Bonnie Elbaum, Sarah Haavind, & Robert Tinker edited by Kathleen P. King & Joan K. Griggs Edited by Don Olcott, Jr.
& Darcy Hardy

147 Practical Tips for Teaching Professors

Bridging the Gap

Higher Ed in Era of Digital Competion

Distance Learners in Higher Education: Institutional Responses for Quality Outcomes Bridging the Gap: Leadership, Technology, and Organizational Change for Deans and Department Chairs Higher Education in an Era of Digital Competition:
Choices and Challenges
edited by Chère Campbell Gibson edited by Michael J. Johnson, Donald E. Hanna, & Don Olcott, Jr. by Donald E. Hanna
& Associates

Learning on the Net

Teaching Online

Learning On the Net Teaching Online
by William A. Draves by William A. Draves

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