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Table of Contents
Vol. 1 No. 2 Special Issue

"The Game of References and Academic Joy"

Marcel Danesi
To Be or not to Be Refrenced?
François Victor Tochon    
Metareference. A Bakhtinian View of Academic Dialogue
Yves Bertrand — Jean Houssaye
Refrence One.  Did Derrida Kill Foucault?
Howard Smith    
Reference Two.  Does Foucault Kill Derrida in the Game of References?  The Example of Master's Dissertations
Michèle Guigue    
Reference Three.  Quotation Strategies and Construction of Knowledge by Graduate Students
Caroline Gwyn Paquette    
Reference Four.  The Labyrinth of the Reference Game
Jamie-Lynn Magnusson    
Reference Five.  Five Easy Games of Referencing
Claudine Blanchard-Laville    
Reference Six.  References to Freud in the Pedagogical-Psycho-analytical Debate: Daughters in the Shadow of the Father
David Solway    
Reference Seven.  Outcomes Based Education: A Referential Tragedy
Linda J. Rogers
Reference Eight.  The Nondialogue of vygotsky and Piaget: Out of the Dialectic and Only in the Endnote
Nancy S. Haas
           Reference Nine.  Overcoming the Barrier of Entropy to Joy

Anne-Marie Gioux
Reference Ten.  The Pleasure of Mirror Games: References to the Field in Educational Video Feedback

Ray Shankman    
Reference Eleven:  Signs of Our Times: The Emerging Academic Delight of Self/Personal Referencing

François Victor Tochon    
Reference Twelve: The Situated Researcher and the Narrative Reference to Lived Experience
Pierre Trudel — Wade Gilbert    
Reference Thirteen:  From Semiotic References to the Computer Lab: A Qualitative Entry into the Academic Joys of Meaning Making

T. C. Phuong Nguyen    
Reference Fourteen:  
The Epistemic Map to Organize References and Auto-Evaluate Conceptual Change

Jacques Colomb    
Reference Fifteen:  The Question of the Reference for School Knowledge: A "Comparative Semiotics" Approach


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