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Editorial Information
International Journal of Applied Semiotics

IJAS is a refereed journal published twice a year in the spring and the fall for the special interest group (SIG) in "Semiotics and Education" of the American Education Research Association in conjunction with Atwood Publishing. It constitutes a forum of research and discussion on the applications of semiotic theory to education, clinical practices, learning, and other areas of social concern. It also provides space for original work in semiotic theory and practice.


We are pleased to announce that François Tochon will be the primary editor of the journal beginning in Fall 2007. Please direct all editorial inquires to him at ftochon@education.wisc.edu.

François V. Tochon, Language Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 144D, 225 N Mills St., Madison, WI 53706, U.S.A.

Linda Rogers, Liberal Studies Institute, Human Development Program, California State University, Monterey Bay, 100 Campus Center,  Bldg 15, Seaside, CA 93955, U.S.A.

Marcel Danesi, Program in Semiotics and Communication Theory, NF 217, Victoria College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1K7 Canada

Book Reviews

IJAS is pleased to receive copies of new books related to the field of education and applied semiotics. Please contact François Tochon (ftochon@education.wisc.edu) or Linda Babler (lindab@atwoodpublishing.com) for further information.

Editorial Board:

Mohammed Riad Ahmed, Yves Bertrand, Lisa Block de Behar, Rocco Capozzi, Constance Classen, Paul Colilli, Jim Cummins, Elizabeth Debold, John Deely, Umberto Eco, Edna Erez, Jacques Fontanille, Noel Gough, Nathan Hauser, Karen Haworth, David Howes, Jorgen Dines Johansen, Ivan Kalmar, John Kennedy, Richard L. Lanigan, Michele Lettieri, Peter Mc Laren, Harry McMahon, Floyd Merrell, Giuseppe Mininni, Elizabeth Morley, Frank Nuessel, David Olson, Phyllis Passariello, Michael Patton, Paul Perron, Terry J. Prewitt, François Rastier, Irmengard Rauch, Martin Ryder, Leonard G. Sbrocchi, Howard A. Smith, Marc Spoelders, Eero Tarasti, Renzo Titone, Pierre Trudel, Jean Umiker-Sebeok, Albert Valdman, Anthony Verna, W. C. Watt, Rodney Williamson.

For submission information see the SIG’s website.


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