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Volume 5, Number 1-2

This volume focuses on signs and the encoding of signs. Signs are a significant area of study for semioticians. Here, signs are examined within a variety of disciplines, from mathematics to linguistics, from media to psychosemiotic analysis. Editor, Marcel Danesi, writes:

Semiotics builds its theoretical edifice from practical applications, rather than the other way around. The studies in this issue show this perfectly. They deal respectively with such apparently diverse, yet strangely interconnected phenomena, as understanding literary processes and genres as post-colonial renditions of history and the structure of biological processes.

The contributors bring an international understanding to the reflections here. Also included is a timely book review of the Da Vinci Code, written by British scholar, Paul Cobley who specializes in semiotics and popular culture.

ISSN# 1488-0733
Product #V5 N1-2
249  pages

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