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Edited by Linda Rogers, Marcel Danesi, and Susan Tucker

Volume 1, Number 2 Special Issue
The Game of References and Academic Joy

Guest Editor: François Tochon

To be or not to be referenced?, queries Marcel Danesi in the introductory essay of this volume. This volume explores the issues of referencing and being references — an issue integral to academia — from a semiotic perspective. Danesi writes:

...[T]he studies collected by Tochon give us a truly meaningful glimpse into the game that we all play, allowing us to reflect on the legitimacy and validity of its rules. ... The message that runs throughout the analogy is rather clear: reliance on the system of referencing is leading to the opposite of the effect it was probably meant to have; namely, to encourage new thinking on the basis of older thinking.

The 15 essays reflect on referencing as both growth producing and growth inhibiting and raise issues central to the purpose and use of references.

ISSN# 1488-0733
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180 pages

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