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Edited by Linda Rogers, Marcel Danesi, and Susan Tucker

Volume 1, Number 1
Forum for Inter- and Transdisciplinary Inquiry

This is the premier issue of the International Journal of Applied Semiotics in which the editors, Linda Rogers, Susan Tucker, and Marcel Danesi, detail the function and purpose of the cross-disciplinary journal. They write:

The purpose of the International Journal of Applied Semiotics is to come full circle. Itís raison d'etre is, in effect, to publish work that applies the findings and methodology of semiotics to its cognate disciplines. ... In our foundation issue, we want to present a bridge between the traditional applications of semiotics to literary analysis to other fields.

In choosing articles that explore nonlinguistic mediums, language, psychology, surnaming practices, and education, the editors aptly reflect their purpose.

ISSN# 1488-0733
Product #300
147 pages

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