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Volume 4, Number 2

This volume explores the intersection of ideas concerning power, texts, and pedagogy. It was inspired by paper presentations and discussions sparked by meetings at the American Education Research Association. Semiotics adds to the discussion and informs an exciting new way to conceptualize these ideas. As editors Linda Rogers and Tomasz Szkudlarek state in the introduction:

The presenters engaged in a political critique interrogating educational practices and theories in the context of their particular interactions. Each presenter critiqued his or her (our) beliefs and ways of "doing" things in education and how the systems of education that we operate in inform our ways of acting....The texts presented in this collection also link the questions of knowledge production, power, ethics, and meaning. Research communities and the academic world are obvious loci of such an intersection.

International discussants from various disciplines explore these ideas together. In addition, there is a book review of Rethinking Writing, written by Roy Harris.

ISSN# 1488-0733
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133  pages

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