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Volume 4, Number 1

The current volume is the second in a series of two issues that explores semiotic consciousness. Issue editor, Linda Rogers, states:
The papers in this issue, while maintaining the theme of Consciousness in Education move into yet another exploration of semiosis, or the activity of movement and exchange of meaning between signs and humans. These papers feature the researchers as opening a problematic stance between what education and educators attempt and say they do and the language, acts, and intention of educational practices.

The contributors explore areas of semiotic consciousness in educational textbooks, preservice training of teachers, distance education, and the discourse of power as it relates to parents. In addition, ideas of consciousness are examined within the teacher-learner interactions and in student’s understandings of themselves within an educational setting.

Rogers further states:
Each of these papers opens the possibility that we regard our known world and spheres of action differently. They present consciousness as shifting, indeterminate, personal, political, motivated, social—indeed as an array of signs that have both the potential to become an over determined closed facet of ourselves and our society or as the agent of change and transformation. I look forward to the continuing conversation.

ISSN# 1488-0733
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123  pages

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