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Volume 3, Number 2

The current volume is the first in a series of two issues exploring the idea of semiotic consciousness. It is an outgrowth of an interactive symposium conducted at the annual meeting of AERA in 2001. Editor, François Tochon, states in his introductory chapter:

The main objective of this issue is to illustrate the active semiotics of consciousness, that is, the meaning-making processes that support the construction of reality in day-to-day learning, teaching, and educational environments....It illustrates how, in education, signs can become consciously active and get symbolic power, creating anomalies in the usual course of learning and teaching, and educational events.

Semioticians from a broad range of disciplines explore semiotic consciousness from within those disciplines. The issue ends with a book review of Research in International Education: Experience, Theory, and Practice by Liora Bresler and Alexander Ardichvili.

ISSN# 1488-0733
Product #V3N2
129 pages

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