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Volume 3, Number 1
Dedicated to the Memory of Thomas Sebeok

In the Introduction to the current issue, editor Linda Rogers writes of Sebeok:

This journal edition is dedicated to the recognition of the work and influence in General and Applied semiotics of Thomas Sebeok, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University—one of the central figures in any discussion of modern semiotics. ...

I decided to not attempt to reconstruct a litany of his achievements. Although he was a scholar in every sense of that word, I believe that he was more than his scholarly achievements. In the fine sense that everything changes, reflecting upon the death of a man who was so lively and who was responsible for bringing together people working in cross-disciplinary endeavors and engaging them to work together and with each other in the expansion and exploration of meaning, it is almost a fallacy to speak of the death of a man whose work will continue to represent him and to intrigue and challenge scholarship.

Nevertheless, he will not be at meetings, he will not be personally soliciting manuscripts for his projects, and I will not be receiving almost instantaneous replies to my emails, almost any time of day or night on any continent. I will miss him, so will all his family and his friends, and I am sorry new people entering the field will not have an opportunity to meet him personally.

The volume ends with a book review of Sebeok’s last book, The Swiss Pioneer in Nonverbal Communication Studies: Heini Hediger (1908-1992), reviewed by François V. Tochon.

The pieces in this issue present work from both a theoretical and applied base. The pieces come out of diverse traditions, such as, literature, languages, mathematics, and psychology. As diverse as are the disciplines of the authors, the research and analysis presented also reflect a rich and broad synthesis.

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145 pages

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