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Video and Applied Semiotics
Special Issue

Volume 2, Number 1-2
Guest Editors: Howard Smith and Pierre Trudel

This special issue of the IJAS is an outgrowth of a symposium presented at the AERA annual meeting in Montreal. As the symposium’s organizer, François Victor Tochon, discusses the purpose of the symposium:

The mature science of video acquisition and the emerging technology of digital distribution will change the way we see education as a whole. ... Video technology enters the field of applied semiotics in its own right. It brings meaning to life and life to signs. It is educational per se. That is why we cannot let this field lie fallow. The purpose of the symposium was to collect our know-how in terms of meaning making and of semiotic research applied to education. Making a video is becoming a form of expression. It is also an entry into experience.

In compiling this issue, editors Smith and Trudel sought both a balance in topics presented and a breadth of research and application. Thus the issue includes a review of the literature and studies on its uses with teachers and with students. Additionally, it reports on specific studies in sports pedagogy, autism, and analysis of verbal and visual cues. It ends with a book review by François Desjardins.

ISSN# 1488-0733
Product #300
147 pages

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