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147 Tips for Emerging Scholars:
From Publishing to Time Management, Grant Seeking, and Beyond

by Kathleen King & Ann Cranston-Gingras

Higher educations professionals face a myriad of competing demands on their time. Many of these pressures exist apart from teaching and outside the classroom altogether. Career requirements can seem to be never ending, and if they are not carefully managed and balanced, they can overrun even the most committed scholars resolve.

The latest book in Atwood's 147 Tips series, 147 Practical Tips for Emerging Scholars presents readers with a much-needed guide to the varied ins and outs of a career in higher education. Advocating detailed planning and clear priorities, the authors have crafted a thorough and accessible book to simplify and de-stress the navigation of a scholars world. Their pragmatic and detailed tips offer advice on crucial topics including:

  • Writing grants
  • Research
  • Working with technology
  • Collaboration
  • Mentoring

The authors write:

147 Tips for Emerging Scholars assists you in developing your successful professional journey as a scholar by delivering proven and succinct guidance. . . . You can use this book as a ready reference that you can turn to again and again for solid direction, clarity, and encouragement.

This essential volume offers fresh and enriching insights, and will prove an indispensable tool for higher education professionalsnew and veteran alike.  

ISBN# 978-1-891859-89-2
132 Pages


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