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Beyond Subject Matter Expertise:
Strategies for Instructing Adults

Glenn Ross Johnson & Robert Magnan

How did I end up teaching -- this?

  • Are you training adults through your business or another organization?
  • Are you teaching adults at a college?
  • Maybe you havenít thought of yourself as a "teacher" before. Maybe you are a person who knows a subject, skill, or technique extremely well and so someone has coaxed you to teach or train others. Or maybe you have taught, but never in this area.

    You came to this project because of your expertise, but you may have discovered that itís not enough to know a lot about your subject. To help colleagues, friends, or associates learn something new, you must go beyond subject matter expertise.

    This book offers you a lot of strategies in just a little time. Itís structured around basic questions for you to consider as you begin preparing to train or teach. Plus, itís very practical and easy to read and use.

    If you're a subject matter expert who wants to teach or train more effectively, this book will help you begin.


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    Beyond Subject Matter Experise

    ISBN# 978-1-891859-78-6
    96 Pages


    Table of Contents

    Author Biographies:

    Glenn Ross Johnson
    Robert Magnan

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