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The Archetypal Hero's Journey
in Teaching and Learning:
A Study in Jungian Pedagogy

by Clifford Mayes

Educator and therapist Clifford Mayes offers an original and powerful vision of teaching and learning as a heroic journey, central to the growth of the student as an integrated being. This journey is filled with such universal human archetypes as the Wise Elder, the Trickster, the Great Mother, and the Great Father. 

Informed by the psychoanalytical studies of Freud, Jung, and neo-Freudian theorists, Mayes emphasizes the need for a healthy balance in the classroom between the technical and the poetical, the analytical and the intuitive. Teaching and learning are part of the great journey of individuation, and every student must be given the chance to heed the call and fulfill the archetypal role of the Hero in the true adventure of transformative education.                       

Eschewing the corporate mentality guiding today’s curriculum, Mayes advocates a pedagogy predicated upon the myth of the Hero's (Heroine’s) quest, which guides both teachers and students through a series of trials, labors, transformations, and ultimate awakenings. . . . The quest is ultimately about asking and answering the great questions together—questions that transcend the merely secular and speak to the overarching issue of "What am I called do with my life?"  Such questions, he persuasively argues, should be at the core of education.

-- from the Foreword by Mark R. Grandstaff
University of Maryland, College Park

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   Archetypal Hero's Journey in Teaching and Learning 

154 pages

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