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Yves Bertrand

Author of:

Contemporary Theories and Practice in Education

Nowhere Else

The Ordinary Hero

Yves Bertrand studied philosophy at the University of Montréal where he earned a Ph.D.  (Philosophy) in 1981.

Yves was a professor at the University of Québec. He began his career as a professor of philosophy at the college level and also consulted on teaching practices. He worked for the Ministry of Education on how to improve science teaching and how to develop alternative educational strategies. As an invited senior researcher for the Department of Communication, he examined the impact of new communication technologies on training. Yves has also published several articles in journals and speaks at conferences around the world.

Yves has written extensively on the philosophy of life, on education and organizations including Educational Paradigms, School and Societies, Organizations: A Systems Approach, The Ordinary Hero (translated by Robert Magnan),  Contemporary Theories and Practice in Education (2003), Nowhere Else (2004), and Le jardin intérieur (2004). Most of these books were originally written in French and translated into different languages: English, Portuguese, and Czech.

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