Mentoring Non-Tenure Track Faculty:
A Strategic Collaboration Approach

by Leah Wasburn-Moses & Mara H. Moses

Leah Wasburn-Moses
Leah Wasburn-Moses is Professor of Educational Psychology at Miami University. Her research interests are in changing policy and practice to meet the needs of teacher candidates in learning to support students at risk. She is also Director of Campus Mentors, an innovative alternative school model located on college and university campuses that serves local youth at risk. Dr. Wasburn-Moses is the author of 34 publications focusing on preparing teachers in a changing educational environment.

Mara H. Wasburn
Mara H. Wasburn was Professor of Organizational Leadership and Supervision at Purdue University. She dedicated her life’s work to advancing the careers of women—locally, nationally, and internationally. Her mentoring research responded to a critical shortage of leadership and diversity in both the public and private sectors. To help meet those needs, she and a colleague developed Strategic Collaboration, an innovative team mentoring model, which they copyrighted and applied in both academic and business environments. Dr. Wasburn authored 46 publications focusing on mentoring women in technology-rich disciplines.