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147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability:
Connecting the Environment, the Economy, and Society

by William M. Timpson, Brian Dunbar, Gailmarie Kimmel, Brett Bruyere, Peter Newman, and Hillary Mizia

William M. Timpson, Ph.D, is a professor in the School of Education at Colorado State University (CSU). After receiving his Bachelorís degree in American History from Harvard University, Bill went on to teach junior and senior high school in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio before completing a doctoral degree in educational psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Along with numerous articles, chapters, and grants, he has written or co-authored ten other books.

Brian Dunbar is director of the CSU Institute for the Built Environment (IBE), and professor in the Department of Construction Management. Brian is the primary instructor for the IBEís Green Building Certificate program, which teaches students skills and knowledge in sustainable building practices. His teaching and design projects have received numerous local, regional, and national awards.

Gailmarie Kimmel brings thirty years of experience in community and university education. After participating in the Peace Corps, she staffed Peace and Conflict Studies at University of California at Berkeley and two Oakland churches, cofounded a multidisciplinary think tank, and directed an environmental camp. Currently, she works with the CSU Forest Service, linking sustainable land management with green building and bioenergy, and coordinates the Green Building Certificate Program for CSUís IBE. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association and is launching its local living economy project.

Brett Bruyere is director of the CSU Environmental Learning Center (ELC) and assistant professor in the Department of Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism. The ELC provides programs to thousands of students, families, and educators annually about environmental conservation.

Peter Newman is an assistant professor of protected areas management at the Warner College of Natural Resources at CSU. His research focuses on the human dimensions of natural resources management and visitor carrying capacity in the context of protected areas management. He also has work experience as a National Park Service Ranger in the Division of Resources Management in Yosemite National Park and as a naturalist/instructor for the Yosemite Institute.

Hillary Mizia is the Sustainability Coordinator for New Belgium Brewing Company, where her love and talent for educating about the environment is manifested on a daily basis. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Experiential Education from Prescott College, and a Master of Arts in Environment and Community from Antioch University, Seattle. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association and for the Big Thompson Watershed Forum. She currently lives at, plays in, and telecommutes from her home in Golden, CO with her husband, son, and two dogs.