Table of Contents

Trickster and Ambivalence: The Dance of Differentiation
edited by C. W. Spinks





1. Trickster and Duality 
    C. W. Spinks

2. "Mastermaid" to the Rescue: Tricks, TrickSTARs, and Tricksters in 
     Transforming Gender Roles and Folktale Study 
     Marilyn Jurich

3. Semiotrix 
    Richard M. Carp

4. Female Trouble
    Christina O. Spiesel

5. The Adventures of A Postmodern Fool or The Semiotics of Learning
    Inna Semetsky

6. Sometimes a Windmill Really Is a Giant: Reflections on Miguel de
    Cervantes, Lawrence Durrell, and C. W. Spinks 
    Frank Kersnowski

7. "A Story Fram’d in Sport": Narrative Tricks and Wordsworth’s"The 
    Ruined Cottage" Complex
    Scott Simpkins

8. Outstepping Time/Rainy Day Stories to Trick the Trickster
    Linda J. Rogers

9. Semi-reflection of Types of Synesthesia
    Sean A. Day

10. The Expert Pilot: Trickster Extraordinaire
     Nancy Stockall

11. Is There Really a Man in the Moon? 
     Terry Stocker

12. A Trickster Of, By, and For Our Time:Y2K from Conception to Postmortem
     Myrdene Anderson

13. Why Do We Want Trickster?
      Elzbieta Kasmerizec





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