Table of Contents

Bridging the Gap: Leadership, Technology, and Organizational Change for University Deans and Chairpersons
Edited by Michael J. Johnson, Donald E. Hanna, and Don Olcott, Jr.


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Foreword by Allen Glenn

Preface (click for a free Adobe Acrobat PDF copy of the Preface)

Chapter 1:
Leadership, Technology, and Organizational Change in the University

Chapter 2:
Challenges and Choices: Academic Leadership for Deans and Department Chairpersons

Chapter 3:
Practical Leadership Perspectives and Strategies

Chapter 4:
Managing Change: Styles, Stages and Effective Leadership for Academic Leaders
Interview with Christopher Musselwhite

Chapter 5:
Transitions of Leadership: From a Department Chair to a Dean
Interview with Walter H. Gmelch

Chapter 6:
Going Beyond: Transforming a Department and Its Professional Education
Interview with Yasmen Simonian

Chapter 7:
Leadership in Organizational Transitions
Interview with Charles Hurt

Chapter 8:
Building a Foundation with Values-Based Leadership
Interview with Shirley L. Baugher

Chapter 9:
Changing the Rules of the Game: The Charter College
of Education at California State University, Los Angeles
Interview with Allen A. Mori

Chapter 10:
Challenges for Change Agents
Interview with Fred Hurst

Chapter 11:
Energizing Change and Improvement through Positive Action
Interview with Lynn Priddy and Stephen Spangehl

Chapter 12:
Leadership for the Future

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