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Learning On the Net
William A. Draves

Finally, a book for learners! If you are a learner, taking courses via the internet, then this is a valuable tool for making the learning experience everything you hope for. Or, if you are an instructor trying to help you learners, this is a concise and very contemporary volume for your students to read.

Draves discusses the trend towards online learning along with the similarities and differences from conventional learning situations. He then discusses how people learn and the impact that has on learning settings. But, one of the most significant aspects of the book is the section on setting up your own learning environment, both in terms of a physical environment and the more intangible psychological environment. This is an often neglected aspect for the online learner.

Finally, several sections deal with the nuts-and-bolts of online learning: taking quizzes, lectures, discussions, and finding information. It’s a complete and succinct volume to help younger and older online learners.


What they're saying about...

A must read for potential online learners.
— Ken Harvey, Principal, Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance Education School

Draves knows how the Internet is changing the education experience.
— Judy Bryan, Culture Editor, Wired News, wired.com

Once again Draves has provided another cutting edge text for e-learning. Hats off and :):):):) for this one!
— Janet K. Lewis, Electronic University Consortium of South Dakota

ISBN# 1-57722-022-6
177 pages

Limited quantity
Until they are gone

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