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147 Tips for Teaching Peace and Reconciliation

by William M. Timpson, Edward J. Brantmeier, Nathalie Kees, Tom Cavanagh, Claire McGlynn, and Elavie Ndura-Ouédraogo

This fascinating newest volume in the 147 Tips series starts with the idea that violence is not inherent, but has forcibly occupied our history books, giving us a one-sided story that is self-perpetuating. From this beginning, it argues that peace must be actively taught. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

147 Tips For Teaching Peace and Reconciliation gives you keys to peace in your own life and in the social environment around you through pragmatic, applicable suggestions written in an informative and conversational style.

From overcoming prejudices to emulating Quaker peace practices, to establishing a language of trust and reconciliation, this book offers practical suggestions for how to re-teach peace to yourself and your world, and redress violent tendencies.

Try applying some of these suggestions to the areas where peace has been wounded in your life. Be the peace. Be a peacemaker.

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147 Practical Tips for Teaching Peace and Reconciliation

ISBN# 978-1-891859-76-2
170 Pages

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