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Listen Very Loud: Paying Attention in the Student Affairs Profession
Authored by Randy L. Mitchell

Stories, fables, allegories, and legends have traditionally been the ways in which a community preserves its heritage its collective memory. They are also the ways in which any community passes along and rejuvenates the ideals and values of its culture. As a consummate teller of tales, Randy Mitchell has become a balladeer of his profession by sharing and re-conceptualizing the ideals and traditions inherent in the field of student affairs.

Listening is at the heart of Randy's message: listening to the stories of students, colleagues, and oneself.

Randy writes:

The pieces in this book are my way of examining and transforming the humanity of the student affairs profession. Im also interested in some of the qualities of our profession that seem to be missing from the literature. I believe we need new perspectives on responsibility, success, motivation, balance, grief, sense, grace (harmony, acceptance, goodwill), and joy as these concepts relate to student affairs.

Listen Very Loud is a collection of essays of stories each posing a question, each offering reflections for your personal consideration. They are a tool for renewing the greatest strengths of the student affairs profession and the people who work within it.

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ISBN# 1-891859-35-8


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