The College to Career Road Map: A Four-Year Guide to Finding Your Path

Terese Corey Blanck, M.Ed. Throughout her professional career, Terese has worked closely with college students and recent graduates, helping them identify their innate talents and desires, plan their educational and career paths.
Terese has worked for small private universities as well as large public universities in the area of Student Affairs. She then joined the private sector, coaching college students and recent grads in career and life exploration. She opened and managed a specialty-niche staffing that matched recent college graduates with employers.

Terese founded College to Career to offer students a means for making decisions with direction during college—so they succeed after college.

Peter Vogt, M.S., is a career counselor, author, and speaker who encourages young adults to explore their many career possibilities.
Peter is The MonsterTRAK Coach for leading global career web site Monster (; publisher of Campus Career Counselor (, a national newsletter for college/university career services professionals; and has been interviewed for articles in Time magazine, U.S. News & World Report, and The New York Times.

Judith Anderson, M.A., has acquired a unique perspective working with college students and their parents throughout her professional career. Judith has advised students in various student leadership roles, helping them identify and develop their innate talents, interests, and skills. Serving in these positions, she saw the importance of academic preparation and experience, passion, and clarity for one’s future endeavors.
Most recently, Judith has served as a higher education consultant working both on campus and in the private sector. She has co-authored two handbooks for faculty teaching. As a partner with College to Career, Inc., Judy brings her campus experience and knowledge to parents and students helping them make the most of their college experience.