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Angela Provitera McGlynn
Reflections on the Black Lives Matter Movement

Author and educator, Angela Provitera McGlynn, has long been concerned with equity and justice, having written about it extensively. It’s no surprise that she had some reflections during this monumental time. She offers us an essay in which she states:

Black Lives Matter is not merely a moment in time; it is a movement with the potential to be transformative. The systemic racism that spurred people to protest is built into the very fabric of all our institutions through policies, practices, and laws....

It will take much more than “reform” to eradicate the hundreds of years of oppression and unequal opportunity. It will take big structural changes, reparations, and dismantling and rebuilding.


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Online Teaching & Diversity

As educational institutions struggle with issues about opening for the fall and how exactly that might look, we have texts that will support and facilitate those changes. Our selection of Online Teaching and Learning books have been the basis for many distance educators.

Also, we have had a focus on Diversity in education for a long while. We have texts which help educators sensitively approach issues, along with in class techniques that encourage student openness and exploration.

Supporting Educators & Independent Voices

As a help during these extraordinary times, through the month of September, we will offer these Online Teaching and Diversity titles at 40% off.   

Teaching Diversity

This is a wonderful teachable moment. We as educators have the opportunity and skills to further the cause of diversity and to help facilitate what might be difficult topics. Consider these titles as you plan your approach.

Teaching Diversity147 Practical Tips for Teaching DiversityEnvisioning Equity

And more...

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Online Learning and Teaching

Due to many schools and universities going to online/distance learning, we want to focus on our distance learning titles. There are some tried and true, succinct options for those new to online learning, as well as, options for veteran online educators.

We have texts for:
     > Beginner online educators
     > Veteran online educators
     > Administrators and Planners

If you are organizing educators new to online learning, we can help with texts that have started many online educators off on the right foot. Let us know if you would like to order a quantity

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Just Released

147 Practical Tips for Teaching Diversity

The NEW Second Edition of the popular 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Diversity

Diversity is a critical issue in education and society at this juncture in time. This new edition is just in time.

Focus on Student Support

As we prepare for the new semester, we want to focus on our veterans in postsecondary education. This text offers assistance for veteran students and the educators who work with them. Read more...

Dog Tags to Diploma

Time to Develop Sophisticated Online Learning

While preparing for the new semester, find some new strategies and techniques for building engaging online activities. Find out more...


Fresh Titles for a New Semester

Check out these new titles for something fresh for the upcoming semester. Start out the new year with some new ideas and approaches.

  Teaching Today's College Students  Educating the Experienced

147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability Power of the Professoriate To Campus with Confidence
From Lecture Hall to Laptop Collapsing Educational Boundaries Turbulent Times 

Try incorporating Sustainability in your classes. Learn how other faculty are adapting to the changing campus dynamics and climate. And, find innovative ways to work with students with learning disabilities.

Fresh and new approaches.

Case Studies Series
Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning is one of the exciting topics discussed in education right now. Bill Timpson has long been an advocate. To share that with others who are considering including Experiential Learning in their classrooms, Bill and colleagues have created a Case Studies Series. You'll find all you need to start incorporating Experiential Learning in your new classes.

Case Studies: Communication Case Studies: Sustainability
Case Studies of Classrooms
& Communication:

Integrating Diversity, Sustainability, Peace, & Reconciliation
Controversial Case Studies for Teaching on Sustainability, Conflict, &

Open Access

Our classic title, Distance Leaners in Higher Education, is now available as Open Access. It is the book that informed much of current practice in distance teaching and learning.

And, how has a title stayed so current for so long? Perhaps, it is because it focuses not on the phenominal technology that proliferates so rapidly, but on the human dimension of the teaching/learning process.

Educators continue to weigh the technology in relation to good teaching practices. This book paved the way for that continuing conversation.

For more on the book and to access it, go to our Distance Learners in Higher Education page.

Something Special for Chairs

Chairing an Academic Department Department Chair Leadership Skills
Chairing an Academic Department
by Walter H. Gmelch
& Val D. Miskin
Department Chair Leadership Skills
 by Walter H. Gmelch
& Val D. Miskin


2009 AERA Outstanding Research Publication Award

Congratulations to Kathleen King and Joan Griggs, editors of the collected volume, Harnessing Innovative Technology in Higher Education.

The award was presented at the American Education Research Association Division I meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 in San Diego. Kathleen King was there to accept the award.

The book is a collection of analyses of a number of the FIPSE projects, each of which was designed to create and implement creative new programs to further the possibilities of technology in higher education.

Click here to learn more about the book.


Susan Petrilli, author of Approaches to Communication, has been named the 2008 recipient of the Sebeok Fellow Award presented by the Semiotics Society of America. The award is given in honor of Thomas A. Sebeok.

Long Shadows: Veterans' Paths to Peace won the Montaigne Medal award. Congratulations to the authors and contributors! For more information, click here.



Chronicle of Higher Education Excerpt

from Leading a Small College or University
June 2008

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